Talk like the locals in Philatucky, Pennsyltucky

Maxi, Shakey and Superman

    Sixers awesome bench. Lead us to the next parade !

Gravy Seals

    Local, vigilante heroes who fight and keep us free from commies.


    The most awesome automobile from West Philly you've ever seen

Big Play Slay

    New Eagles shutdown cornerback. Another Supe!!

Thigh Bull

    Exciting Sixers defensive wiz rookie

Furkey Turkey with the jerky

    Hot Sixers shooter Furkan Korkmaz

Cream Cheese Heads

    That's us. We crushed them Green Bay losers.


    Our latest nickname. I'm not excited.

Philly Tumbleweed

    A wawa bag with a sizzli box in it flying down the street

D-Jax is back

    Oldhead receiver, DeSean Jackson, returns.

Bo-Bee and Toe-Bee

    New sixers who will bring us a parade.

Courter Hort

    New flyers goalie Carter Hart

Nate the Great Studfeld

    He who is taking us to the Supe when Foules goes down again.


    What Sixers coach Brett Brown speaks.

Thy Kingdom Crumb

    Carson Wentz's free food for all truck partnership.


    New Flyers mascot. Euthanize him.

Sanctuary Mayor

    Releases a convicted murderer who murders a girl then the mayor does a dance to celebrate. Loser.

Phantom of the Process

    Joel Embiid and his mask leading us to another parade.

E - A - G - L - E - S

    Eagles are NFL Champs!!!!

Ginger Jesus

    Carson Wentz will be back next year for another Super Bowl victory!

Blount Force Trauma

    Eagles banging running back LeGarrette Blount




    We ain't giving illegal aliens dog dick.

RIP Little Nicky

    The 80s mafia were some good times.

Carson City, Wentzelvania

    Where we live and Eagles going to the Super Bowl!


    New Eagles wide receiver. The new megatron!

Ro Co.

    Sixers shooter Robert Covington


    Eagles headed to the Super Bowl... Or not.


    North Philly neighborhood. Home to Shibe Pork and Cohocksink Crick

J. Ro No Mo

    Good luck to Jimmy Rollins in Los Angeles

Furkan A.

    An exclamation and a new Sixer from Turkey


    Local hoagie and a new Flyer

KJ MacFlight

    Sixers awesome rookie.

Philly Jesus

    Leave him be. Stop arresting him.

Port Fishington

    Totes beauty-full resort town at the intersection of Kensington, Fishtown and Port Richmond.


    Lame food store we shop at and get our identity stolen too.

Coop the Scoop

    This iggle is just dumb as poop

When I knock you out

    Phil's manager's response to big mouth Howard Eskin

Trailer Pork

    Where some of us live at


Buy at Amazon. Click above or below pictures

Demi God

    Local radio guy Dom Giordano

Ass. Asshole. Dumbass.

    Typical Mayor Nutter greetings

This is TastyKake Country

    We don't need no stinking Twinkees

John Bolarus pooped in his pants

    No explanation wanted or needed.


    The Eagles have a fullback. They used him in one game and ignored him in the next.

Romney/Ryan for president

    Wear this shirt to a Philadelphia school for extra credit.



    Phillies new catcher, Erik Kratz, is a monster.

Super Bowls without Foles

    We're back on the Vick bandwagon, baby!

Hulk Hartnell

    Flyer doing his Hulk impersonation while his team is killing the whiny Penguins



    Booming North Philly location

Fight for the Cup

    Later Penguins and Cindy Crybaby. You can't beat us!!!

Hunjy miles per hour

    How fast you need to drive your Jeep on the airport runway to keep things exciting after you illegally break down a gate.


    The mayor's word for parents that don't parent.

Byebye Loser Palooza

    Your smelly Occupying butts need a shower and a job. Good riddance.

Shootin and beatin and peppa sprayin

    Black Friday Philly Style

RIP Smoking Joe Frazier

    Philly was always proud of you

Eagles do Dallas

    Coach Rob Ryan eats his words

Hummers for the Mummers

    Nope. Not a vehicle. Prostitutes busted at their headquarters.

Pull a Juqua

    Jump offsides on 4th and 1 and lose the game.


    Ominous words from Vick after terrible game against Niners. At least he has a heart.

Wet Dream Team

    What our beloved Eagles have become.

Whine and Cheesesteak

    New York media's portrayal of Vick's complaining about the refs. Ouch.

Lyin Lesbians and the lions

    Buncha thieves

Wide 9

    New Iggles defense. Seems to work if the opposing team's starting running back is injured.

A Hunjy Milljy Dollas

    What Iggles QB ConVick just got for 6 years. Guaranteed Super bowls?

RIP Joey Vento

    I'm sure God will speak English to you.

We're all shook up

    Earthquake! Obama did it.

Laters Queen Arlene

    School district's gonna need a new Supe.

Thome's Homeys

    Jim Thome's back.

Welcome to Pence-ylvania!

    Everybody loves new Phillie Hunter Pence.

Dream Teams

    4 parades this year. Oh no. Slanguage just jinxed us.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Jason Babin, Vince Young, Nnamdi Asomugha

    New Eagles. Nice job Coach.

Vanimal House

    New name for Phillies ballpark when Vance Worley pitches.

Calamity John

    Local weathercaster. Tweet him @johnbolaris

5 dolla???

    Toll for the bridges to Jerz. WTF?


    Area south of former Graduate Hospital.


    Utley keys return of Phillies offense!

Gloxico Burress is coming back!

    The ex-prisoners will lead us to the Super Bowl. So proud. Nope. He went to the New York Jits.


    Oldhead, Philadelphia boxer Bernard Hopkins still got it!

University of Denzelvania

    A local university


    Ben Francisco's middle name.

Go Booshy. Go Booshy

    We'll ride you to the Cup.

Tree Fitty Tree

    The price of gaz.

Tom Corporate

    Our new governor

Black Madam

    A transgenda sista who will inject your buttocks with a gel to enlare them.

Don't blame the fat coach

    Reid didn't miss 2 field goals, step out of bounds on the extra point or underthrow Coop in the final minute.

Miracle in the Meadowlands Part 2

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Giants. You stink. Go Iggles.


    Hideous, local porn star

Merry Cliffmas. Happy Halladays.

    Phillies winning it all!


    Of the Kenso Strangler


    How Philadelphians prefer their chocolate. (Mork likes dork chocolate)

Don't Touch My Junk

    Say no to porno scanners @ the airport

Your teeth look like fitty dollar hoagies

    Overheard on the El. That can't be good?

ConVick is Sick!

    Dawg Killa Parade. Here we come.

The President

    Iggles awesome cornerback Asante Samuel.

We Talking bout Turkey, man!

    Allen Iverson's great basketball adventure.


    Eagles new fullback and an awesome, local beer


    Vince Papale's dad and was the Iggles left tackle, King Dunlap.


    I smell 3 parades this year.

Pinch Her Ass

    PHA (What was the Philadelphia Housing Authority)

I'm not angry. I'm from Philly.

    Some tshirt quote


    Just another gubmint scam

RIP Wee Willie Webber

    If you don't know him, yer too young so don't worry about it

Do you believe in 2 miracles?

    Yes! Flyers in 7!!!

    Taser Boy

    What you become if you go on the Phillies field during the game, go on the field & enjoy 300 kV from a taser gun. Shockingly fun. Maybe they can have a "Taser Nite" where random fans go on the field and get tasered.
    Only in Taserdelphia!


    Local idiot from New Jersey (is that redundant) who intentionally puked on a little girl at the Phillies game. Fortunately, the fans gave him a pounding.

Bye bye Dumbovan

    Thanks for the memories. Coulda used a Super Bowl victory too. Oh well.

Attention Walmort Shoppers

    White people. Please leave the store.

Bye-bye Shawn Andrews

    Guess you can get your Michael Phelps on elsewhere?

Brothas & Sistas

    Who is running this city

So long Bee Dub

    Good luck to all-time, Eagles great Brian Westbrook

NOVA'S #8!

    They're totally due for an NCAA Championship. Only 25 years since their last one. Tough losses to Georgetown, Pitt & Syracuse.

RIP Brookey

    Eagles icon Tom Brookshire, off to heaven. I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago while waiting tables at a nice restaurant called L'Auberge in Strafford, PA. He was one of the few celebrities I've ever met who actually made you feel like he was pleased to meet you.


    Like a tampon, only more expensive

Jewish Teflon Bomber

    So he strapped some teflon to his head and everybody thought he was a terrorist who was going to bring down the plane.

0 (as in zero)

    Dumbovan's number in Oakland next year

I woke up today and didn't kill a dog. Can I get an award like Michael Vick?

    What a joke


    Our governor. We're doomed.
Ride Tiger's Wood
    Coming soon to a movie theatre near you

A.I.'s Back!!!!!!!!!!!

Schedule the parade now

Port Kenzo

Resort town snuggled between Kensington and Port Richmond


      Northeast Philadelphia. But is Neast more awesome than Sail Fluffya?


      Our talented pro quarterback who can't remember how many timeouts are left or if the NFL plays to ties. AKA Low-throw McBlow too.

Local, Blind Lawyer Robbed by Prostitute

      She saw him coming

The Ax Man Returneth

      Welcome back Jeremiah Trotter to the Iggles. Guaranteed Super Bowl victory. You heard it on first.

The Big Piece

      Phillies awesome superstar, Ryan Howard

Hide Your Beagle

      Vick's an Eagle

Sponsored by PETA (Philadelphia Eagles Touchdown Association)

Welcome Peedro

      Love, the Pheelees


      A Jim's cheesesteak rolled up in a slice of pizza from Lorenzo & Sons

RIP Harry and P-Zez

      If you don't know the above references, y'aint from around here

"Mack Daddy" Goode and "Hoochie Momma" Bryant

    Local politicians that, when criticized, cry racist and KKK. So they got caught drinking, partying and falsifying time cards on city payroll time. Our local dopes will re-elect them.

Cause Westbrook was his fantasy pick

    Why DeSean Jackson flung the ball before he scored against the boys (Invented by Blummy!)

Romo is a Homo

    Go Eagles

MVP and Rookie of the Year

    Iggle's DeSean Jackson. Take us to the Supe little guy!

Flyin' Hawaiian

    Phil's centerfielder Shane Victorino. Awesome, speedy player.


    What the Phillies had blessed before their first game of 2008. Too bad they lost anyways. Shoulda blessed all their parts, not just the sacks...


    Our newest nickname. Awesome.

RIP Andre Dirty Wooders

    Arguably, the greatest slanguage nickname in history. Sad he's no longer with us.

Little Poppy

    Phil's young slugger Ryan Howard. Aptly named after oldhead slugger in Boston, David "Big Poppy" Ortiz.

Mama's Boy

    What Donovan McNabb is. Not such a bad thing really...

Super Hero/Legend

    Phillies outfielder, Aaron Rowand, who broke his nose on the outfield fence for his team and fans. Maybe it's contagious, Pat Burrell? Nah. So they traded him. Duh.


    Prevalent only in the Fluffya Iggles organization, targeted at Dummyvan McNabb. Never occurs @ 10th & Diamond in Nor Philly. Yeah right...

Lil' Rat

    Eagle's nickname for their hope for the future, Ryan Moats. Fast little dude. Beat, he left.

Smokin' Joe

    Local boxer/icon. Kicked Ali's ass 3 times. Or at least once anyways...

Jump Ricky Jump

    Recently overheard at City Hall

Philadelphia Eagles Ambassador

    Welcome back Hugh Douglas. But he's rather be called

    The Bad Ass-ador

Bonnie and Clyde

    A pair of local idiots who got caught stealing identities and spending stolen money. 15 minutes of fame and they're going down. She is kinda hot in a dirty, fake booby, clean-shaven kinda way


    Our preferred brand of wooder ice and a hurricane.

Skid Mork

Local pronunciation of little poopy stains in your underwear. Most common on grown boys and adolescent men. Watch for pebbles on the rug too.


    Helps start your car or flashlight

"I wasn't the guy who got tired in the Super Bowl."

    Quote by T.O. implying Donovan McNabb ran out of gas in the Supe. Maybe correct and maybe we need a new slogan: "T.O., T.O., I think he's gotta go..."

The Cos

    Local icon/commedian/hero, Bill Cosby. Mr. C would never bug anybody so let's just leave him alone. Hey hey hey...

    Random Philly Crap

The Foul Towel

    Many here say "Fail Tail." What will forever be known as T.O.'s Monday Nite Football intro with the naked, Caucasian (gasp) chick. Get it on.


    Opposite of dat. "Dish here Iggles team is going to the Supe. Wanna fight?"


    Lets air circulate throughout your house thru these. The rest of the country says window.

$100 Cheesesteak Wit?

    Can you say "Bite Me?"


    How we begin many sentences here. For example, "Draino way the Iggles ain't goin' to the Super Bowl."

Morty's Core

    An automobile in the possession of someone named Marty

F%#@ckin' A

    South Philly alphabet

Filthy Dumpya

    Our city's really not that bad??!!

Iggles Fans Can Party

Stinkin' Lincoln

    My nickname for the new Iggles stadium.

Talk Like the Locals in Paris, France



    Formerly the ack-a-me, formerly the acme. Where many of us shop for food


    Our former mayor

Philly Funics

    The world's only book that teaches you how to speak Philadelphian, just like Rocky! Perfect gift for wedding guests.
    Click here for more info.


    A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y

Schuylkill Punch

    Yummy wooder that we drink

Click on the Philly Funics spreads below to order them on ebay. Free Shipping to U.S.


    Folks from Manyunk


Donna Dad Vail

    Local boat race

Fluffya Freedom

    Our favorite song by Elton John

Smoke on a Wooder

Our other favorite song


    The day before Friday


    Those birds we see downashore

Del Val

    Extended Fluffya vicinity of surrounding suburbs

Meetcha At Da Iggle

    Traditional meeting place at Wanamakers


    Jewish bread usually eaten at breakfast

Horry Opp

    Hurry up

Fly Like an Iggle

    Philadelphia's preferred song by Steve Miller

Fluffya, Fill Uff Ya

    2 other ways to pronounce Philadelphia

Ack a Me

    Popular food store

Mayan and Urine

    Mine and yours


    Painful joint affliction


    Crayons to most


    Opposite of without you

Philly Lean

    Proper posture to eat a cheesesteak and keep your clothes clean

Sum Eye Giss, Sum Eye Gatt

    Something like this, something like that

Pie Zahn

    Italian friend

Tellypole Wire

    Place where you throw your old sneakers

School Kill

    A river and a road



Sure Kill Distressway

    Exciting road into our beauty full city



Wooder Eyes

    Italian ice or snow cone to most

Cheesesteaks & Hoagies

    What we Eat


    What we drink


    Summertime destination

Beauty Full

    What we are

Sailth Shtreet

    Where all the hippies meet

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